Orchestival presents

Noye's Fludde with Kneehigh

Kneehigh Theatre - Noyes Fludde

Charles Hazlewood - Noyes Fludde

A Kneehigh and Charles Hazlewood Production:

By Benjamin Britten
Saturday 19th July 2014.

Noye’s Fludde was designed to be performed by and for communities, in non-theatre spaces ... so where better than a huge shed in the Somerset Levels!?

Engaging and accessible, this is an opera for everyone!

This dramatic one-off production of Benjamin Britten’s spectacular 1957 opera was a collaboration between world-renowned theatre company Kneehigh and conductor Charles Hazlewood.

Members of the Philharmonia Orchestra joined opera singers and a chorus of hundreds of local school children in one of the biggest community operas ever.