Who's Aboard? 3

  • Wells Cathedral School

  • The Handbell Ringers of Chiselborough

  • Exeter Recorder Orchestra

  • Brookside School

    Animal Chorus

  • Charles Hazlewood


  • Simon Harvey


  • Rosanna Vize


  • Ellie Velázquez

    Project Manager

  • Claire Axten

    Headmistress, Brookside Community Primary School

Children of Noye at Project Noye

Children of Noye
Welcome to our fabulous chorus of the Children of Noye, his loyal supporters, who help him to build the ark … so far we have:
Dillon, Mary, Molly, Hattie and Rowan,

all pupils from Wells Cathedral School ... let’s see who else will join them over the next few weeks …

Members of the Philharmonia orchestra
The Philharmonia orchestra is one of the world’s greatest orchestras. The orchestra has a very busy schedule touring, recording and giving concerts in London at their ‘home’ the Festival Hall.
The musicians in the orchestra are all exceptionally talented professionals. They play all sorts of classical music, music for films, Cd’s, many different genres. Their versatility means that they are are in great demand, often touring for several weeks at a time.
Britten requires five professional string players for the opera Noye’s Fludde: two violins, a viola, a cello and a double bass. We are very lucky to have our five string players from the Philharmonia. They will work with younger players and local string players to create our fabulous opera orchestra.

Whos Aboard Banner Philharmonia at Project Noye

Who's Aboard at Project Noye

Mrs. Noye
We have found our amazing Mrs. Noye!
We are proud to welcome star opera singer, Amy J Payne as the very special Mrs. Noye for our very special production.
Amy is joining us in her incredibly busy year of engagements which take her all over the world, we are thrilled to have her aboard. You can get to know Amy better from her conversation with me in Ahoy There! Click on the Ahoy There! Window (the one with the helm of the ark) … and meet her!