Nature Beautiful 5

Let’s take a look at some of the animals that could become extinct in the next ten years if we are not careful ...

Have you heard of the MEMO project? This is a fantastic project on the island of Portland in Dorset … just a few miles from Somerset as the crow flies.
The MEMO project is all about building a unique and spectacular centre to monitor extinction on our beautiful planet ...
Watch the very short introduction on the MEMO website, presented by Tim Smit who created the amazing Eden Project in Cornwall, then take a look at this link to the MEMO brochure … there’s all sorts of fascinating information and I think it’s so exciting that this project is happening right on our doorstep … one day we’ll all be able to visit it ...

and now let’s look at some animals that have been saved from extinction ...

memo project

Cobwebs are pretty amazing things don’t you think?


Cobwebs are pretty amazing things don’t you think?

... but have you ever seen anything quite like this? These trees were discovered wrapped in webs in Pakistan after the devastating flood of 2010 ... During the terrible floods of 2010, millions of spiders crawled into the tress to escape the water. The result was these extraordinarily beautiful trees wrapped in silky webs just as a contemporary artist might do…do you remember the deer wrapped in wool in Japan? (Edition 3 Artcycle)

Watch this very short film about how these trees were discovered after the floods in Pakistan. There is a procession of insects in the opera Noye’s Fludde … what insect would you choose to be?

Watch this brilliant film about where your rubbish goes when it reaches the tip….do you ever wonder where those plastic bottles go next, or where the paper goes that you take for recycling? This film is made in America, but we are working with this idea here in Britain too…

Here are some more ideas about how to be Green ... can you do these? Do you care about where you live?

This elephant likes to be Green!
Noah Marching Elephant

Noah Marching Elephant

"Earth and sky, woods and fields, lakes and rivers, the mountains and the sea, are excellent schoolmasters,
and teach some of us more than we can ever learn from books." 

John Lubbock, conductor.