Artcycle 6

New use for plastic bottles

Remember all those plastic bottles? Here is how one lady is using plastic bottles in Uganda ... pretty clever ... why don’t you have a go?

Bottle elephant

Do you think Noah could make an ark out of cardboard?

Bamboo bicycle for water

And do you remember the cardboard bicycle?
Here’s one made from bamboo! Read this article about how these men made an incredible journey on bamboo bikes ... for clean water…

Watch this video about a very clever man in India who made the first ever bamboo bicycle … he’s a very creative person.

This edition I want to introduce you to a fantastic environmental artist, Andy Goldsworthy … just take a look at some of his incredible projects … how could you create some art from the land?

Do you remember that there is a beautiful rainbow at the end of the opera?
I wonder how Rosanna is going to create a rainbow for our production?
Here’s a stunning rainbow created by nature, earth’s great artist!

Rainbow - Noye's Fludde