Nature Beautiful 6

Take a look at the Amazon

Take a look at life in the Amazon…. The Amazon rainforest is home to a bewildering array of wildlife, including macaws, toucans, tyrant flycatchers, capybaras, tapir, sloths, squirrel monkeys, red howler monkeys, jaguars, caimans, anacondas, tarantulas, leaf-cutter ants, scarlet ibis, and black skimmers.

If you find the Amazon inspiring, maybe you might enjoy this much longer programme about the Rainforest.

The Greenhouse Effect

Here is some very interesting information that can help us to understand just why it is so important to look after our world. Understand more about why we need to breathe good clean air, and learn in detail all about the Greenhouse effect.


I think Noye will be very proud to know you are learning so much about why we need to look after our beautiful planet!


But this extraordinary place on earth is under threat, and the effects are devastating. In this video, actress Sigourney Weaver explains the threat to the Amazon’s Xingu River with the building of the massive Belo Monte Dam Complex ...

Coco the gorilla
Have you heard about the very special gorilla, Coco? This is a beautiful film where Coco meets actor Robin Williams … they strike up a very very special friendship…

and why not watch this interesting video that explains the effect in a different way

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." 
Albert Einstein.