Who's Aboard? 6

  • Amy Higgins

    The Dove

  • Maxwell Nicholson Lailey


  • Avalonian State Choir

  • Andy Barclay

    Principal Percussion of the London Philharmonic Orchestra

  • Caroline Jaya Ratnam


  • Paul Ellis

    Choirmaster and Organist, Sherborne Abbey

  • Orchestral Strings

  • The Gossips

    India, Amelia, Sophie, Miranda, Maddie, James, Lucy, Robbie, Florence and Ella.

  • James Risdon

    Recorder Soloist

  • Amy J Payne

    Mrs Noye

  • Musicians of the Philharmonia

    Soong, Gideon, Gwendolyn, Karen and Cathy.

  • Children of Noye

    Dillon, Mary, Molly, Hattie, Rowan, Fabian, Marcus and Benedict.

  • Wells Cathedral School

  • The Handbell Ringers of Chiselborough

  • Exeter Recorder Orchestra

  • Brookside School

    Animal Chorus

  • Charles Hazlewood


  • Simon Harvey


  • Rosanna Vize


  • Ellie Velázquez

    Project Manager

  • Claire Axten

    Headmistress, Brookside Community Primary School

Who's Aboard Project Noye

More ‘Children of Noye’
Benedict, Fabian and Marcus, choristers from Sherborne Abbey

Caroline Jaya Ratnam
Caroline is an amazing pianist and repetiteur, we are so incredibly lucky to have her. A repetiteur specialises in rehearsing opera singers, they are extraordinary pianists and Caroline is able to sing every part in rehearsals, whilst playing the piano and even making the Dove cooing sounds that we hear, played in the opera by James Risdon on the recorder. In short, Caroline is awesome!

Andy Barclay
Principal Percussion of the London Philharmonic Orchestra, and his fantastic section:
Arty, Rhia, Nick, Stan and Alex

Welcome to members of the Avalonian State Choir, we are so excited to have you join us!

We are thrilled to welcome Maxwell Nicholson Lailey, a member of the prestigious Rambert School, who will dance the role of the Raven in the opera.

We also welcome Amy Higgins, our final company member to join, who will dance the magical role of the Dove.
We are so proud to have both our stunning dancers aboard!