Project Noye 2014

Welcome to the Project Noye 2014 website!
Please explore the website to discover useful resources and information from our memorable 2014 production.
We are leaving it just as it was when the project was running, so that you might get a feel for the energy of the Project Noye 2014 era.
Before you begin your own personal journey, we would like to share with you our memories of the experience with photographs and reflections.
We hope you feel inspired to get involved with a creative project, making fresh discoveries and forming new friendships ...

Ellie Velazquez, Project Manager: Project Noye 2014.

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 Project Noye 2014 is …

... your opportunity, wherever you are, to get involved in possibly the worlds's biggest opera production!
About the story of Noah's Flood
Built around an opera to be performed on July 19th 2014 to open Orchestival
Supporting the victims of floods in Somerset.

Do you like …
singing, theatre, telling stories, painting or drawing?
Science, writing, history, geography, maths?
Taking care of the planet, animals, helping people.

Are you a child, a parent, a brother, a sister, Grandma or Grandpa ... daughter or son?

Do you want to …
... meet amazing musicians and artists
make your own instruments out of scrap
discover a whole new world of sound.

 If so ...

Read Edition 1 of the Noye Ahoy!

Send in your Artwork to the Gallery

Learn the Hymns to Noye's Fludde

Become a Voice of the Flood

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Visit theTicket page to book your place - Children aged 12 and under go free!