What is PROJECT NOYE 2014?

PROJECT NOYE 2014 is an extraordinary six month project about an opera, the story of Noah’s Flood told through music. It is also your opportunity to become involved in a fascinating adventure into the life of an opera company.

The opera was written by a very famous British composer, Benjamin Britten. Benjamin Britten wrote the opera as his interpretation of an ancient Miracle Play that was performed in communities (particularly in the Somerset area) to tell the story of Noah’s Flood.
Britten uses the title ‘Noye’s Fludde,’ which is the Medieval English way to say ‘Noah’s Flood.’

There are many important collaborators needed to create an opera - singers, musicians, designers, stage managers, journalists, a director, a conductor, builders. I can guarantee that there is a valuable job waiting for you.

When Charles Hazlewood asked me to help him create the most awesome production we could imagine of Noye’s Fludde, I began scouting around looking for all the recruits we need to make this happen. We are an extraordinary ‘Pop-Up’ opera company. That means we don’t have an opera house to work in or a rehearsal studio where we can rehearse. We need to find somewhere! What could be the solution? A church or a village hall? Somewhere close to the Bath and West showground? Who could help us?
As I have been talent searching I was very lucky to find a school with the perfect space for us to work. This is

Brookside Community Primary School, in Street, Somerset.

Brookside have very kindly offered to be our project hub school, where we can rehearse, plan and build for Noye, using their fantastic facilities and supporting our online Project Noye 2014 family of Voices of the Flood. We say a big thank you to Headmistress, Mrs. Axten, her staff and pupils, for providing us with our Pop Up studios.

So far we have a magnificent team of professional artists to guide us on our epic journey.

Every opera needs a Conductor. We have a true hero in Arts Award Champion, Charles Hazlewood, a globe trotting international conductor who works with many famous orchestras all over the world. Charles loves working with young people, he really enjoys creating new ways of looking at what we can do with music. He will rehearse with us and conduct the spectacular performance of Noye’s Fludde on 19th July at the Bath and West Showground.

Every opera conductor needs a Director. Who better than Kneehigh’s fantastic Simon Harvey! Simon also travels the globe, directing theatre productions and acting. He has been all the way to Australia at least six times since we began planning a year ago and in Cornwall he directs the o-region theatre and film production company. Throughout the whole project Charles and Simon are working closely to create a sensational interpretation of Noye’s Fludde. Simon will be giving Drama workshops and auditioning key characters for the story in preparation for his Noye challenge.

Designer Rosanna Vize is the all important energy behind every visual detail of the opera. Rosanna will be working with pupils and teachers at Brookside to create an Ark, platforms for musicians to perform, costumes ... and of course ... ANIMALS!
Rosanna will also provide ideas online of how to create your own animal costume for the opera, so that you can come and take part on the big day.

So how can you get involved?

As followers of this project, you are already almost signed up as a member of the company. All you need to do is think how the opera excites you ... then sign your name on the ‘VOICES OF THE FLOOD’ list.

Do you like singing?

Do you like drawing or painting?

Perhaps you enjoy writing reviews?

Maybe you want to become a conductor?

Perhaps you want to be a Sound Engineer?

Are you very young?

Or maybe older, going to university even, or maybe you are a parent, a teacher, a daughter or a son?

Any way that this production fires your imagination is a possible route for you to become involved and take a role as a member of the company ... and if you are involved, you will become a Voice of the Flood. This means you can come along on the day of the performance and sing ... even better ... your help will generate support and money for the flood relief fund, FLAG, (Flooding on the Levels Action Group). Your talent and energy will be doing something truly good and meaningful.

Every two weeks there will be ideas and information on details of Project Noye 2014 published through our online newspaper, Noye Ahoy! right here in the Project Noye 2014 microsite!

Members of the production will be introduced as they get on board the project.

We will, have an online gallery for you to exhibit your Art.

You can write articles, provide new ideas.

You can learn the hymns online to sing as a Voice of the Flood.

You can follow Rosanna’s ideas to create fabulous costumes out of recycled cardboard.

Your ‘voice’ can be heard through your ideas, your art work, your reviews, any contribution you would enjoy making to the production and of course, we would love you to come along on 19th July, (Bath and West showground) and perform as Voices of the Flood. You can learn the words and music online and on the day, our conductor, Charles Hazlewood, will take a pre performance workshop for you to rehearse. Your presence will generate a very unique and powerful energy.

We will become a community united through music. What we create will be very special as we discover and inhabit the magical world of our hero Noye.

I look forward to meeting you,


Ellen Velázquez (Project Manager).
If you would like to contribute to Project Noye 2014, please contact me.