Arts Award

Project Noye 2014 is a recognised Arts Award Supporter.

Arts Award is an inspirational initiative for young people to get involved in the arts. There are so many ways that you can achieve credits with Arts Award. If  you are aged  5 – 25, you can begin earning credits.

Check out the fabulous Arts Award website and then return to see how we can support you.

Ideas of What We Can Offer

DISCOVER: Opportunities for young children to take part in different Art activities.

Schools can sign up to do a music workshop so that they have extra confidence to perform as the Voices of the Flood.

Learn the hymns online so that you can come along on the day of performance (19th July, Bath and West showground) and be one of the Voices of the Flood.
(Links to hymns will be available from 12th May).

Read the story of Noah’s Flood.

Create art work which you could submit to the online gallery for the opera.

Meet members of the company on 19th July.

Talk about what you are discovering through the production of Noye’s Fludde, share your information in an assembly, or a similar group.

EXPLORE: Primary schools and children’s Art’s projects.

Music workshops. Encourage your school to invite Ellie Velázquez to visit and take a workshop.

Become a Voice of the Flood, learn the hymns through the link on our microsite  (link accessible from May 12th) and come to perform on 19th July.

Creative writing. Write a piece related to the production in some way: a detail about the story, your experience of the performance, a poem about Mr. Noye, what it is like to be an animal in the Ark ... describe what it is like to be flooded out of your home.

Online gallery. Create stunning pieces of art to describe details from the story ... Mrs. Noye, a giraffe, a Rainbow, design an Ark ... send in photos of flooded areas in Somerset.

Support FLAG, (Flooding on the Levels Action Group). Come and sing on the day, help generate a special energy, help support the Somerset Levels flood relief campaign.

Meet professional musicians, actors, singers, the designer, stage managers.

Talk to members of your class, school assembly, about your experience of the opera, what you have learnt ... share your ideas and experiences online for the whole Noye’s Fludde community.

BRONZE: Very popular with KS2, Arts organisations, youth projects and youth justice programmes.

Come to the performance; sing, make a film, do a reportage of the performance or interview members of the production team. Write about your experience and post your work online, share your thoughts with family, friends and teachers.

Research the composer, Benjamin Britten, look at the online links for all the ways you can relate to Project Noye 2014, from science, to geography, wildlife conservation, recycling ... hundreds of possibilities.

Help your friends to learn the hymns for the Voices of the Flood, so that they too can perform and contribute to the production, help raise money for FLAG.

SILVER: For 11-25 year olds who want to take more responsibility for their progress in Arts Award.

Create your own project related to Project Noye 2014, speak with an Arts Award advisor about how you can link in with the Noye’s Fludde production, gain new skills to promote your own initiative ... a new opera, a story, a newspaper that uses the Arts to promote powerful messages to the community.

Research all the groups in Somerset that can provide training that is related to the Arts. Volunteer as a steward for Project Noye 2014. Help as a stage hand for the performance, volunteer as a production team support. This is a massive production with over 800 people involved ... help pulblicise the event , raise awareness of the effects of flooding, support the community of the Somerset Levels in any way that you can.

Develop your skills in leadership by supporting workshops, volunteering for Arts workshops as an assistant, interviewing members of the Animal Chorus or supporting event staff on the day of performance.

GOLD AWARD: Further develop your skills and potential as a young artist.

Join the production team of Project Noye 2014; see how the production develops, identify all the threads of the project, involve yourself in a specialist area of the opera.

Shadow the Conductor, Charles Hazlewood (Arts Award Champion),the Director, Simon Harvey (Kneeigh theatre), the Designer, Rosanna Vize, Project Manager, Ellie Velázquez.

Research and review the opera, complimenting your knowledge with other reviews from Orchestival.

Interview members of the production team.

Audition to become a Gossip or a Child of Noye

Develop a heightened campaign to support FLAG, through an aspect of the Arts.

Create your own Arts project, inspired by Project Noye 2014: research and manage from source to completion, mentored by members of the Project Noye 2014 production.

Work with the stage management team.

Here are just some of the ways that you can work with Project Noye 2014 to achieve those valuable Arts Award credits. Set your imagination free and see what other possibilities you can discover!

Contact Art Awards enquiries.